Therapy for Families

Couples and families often face the difficult task of accommodating conflicting beliefs, behaviors, emotions and relationship styles. This is not a small task especially when children are present and always changing, bringing home behaviors learned in school or with friends, which may not be congruent with parents’ preferences. Often this leads to conflicts between parents as they struggle to determine which action is best for their child. Disconnection and tension can then spread between everyone in the family. Invariably, each side feels misunderstood and disrespected by the other party. Therapeutic conversations can help family members better understand one another, solve disagreements more respectfully, and find ways to avoid escalating every little disagreement into a full blown conflict. Ultimately, family members can become more of their best, more of the time, and enjoy satisfying interactions with one another.

In some situations, mothers or fathers can also be assisted in making changes at home with only one person participating in the sessions. In families where everyone is exceedingly busy, or when children are young, one parent taking the time to describe and process struggles can be enough to change habitual problematic interactions, especially if the other parent is agreeable. These parenting consultations can take place through Skype, or in person, and be adapted in flexible ways to meet the constraints of each family. Even just a few meaningful conversations can help you, help your child.