Therapeutic style

Marie-Nathalie started in human biology, and then completed two graduate degrees in psychology: a Master in cognitive behavioral therapies in Canada, and a Ph.D. in child/adolescent/family therapies in the USA. In 1994, she discovered and delved in the fascinating philosophies of narrative therapy and mindfulness.

Narrative therapy offers respectful, compassionate, and non-blaming practices, which effectively reduces problematic experiences and develops skills in a brief period of time. Mindfulness offers a way to cultivate presence, calmness, and appreciation for life's multiple and complex facets. In the last decade, Marie Nathalie has further enriched her professional background with ideas from interpersonal neurobiology and brain sciences.

The combination of 20 years of practice, a passion for scientific knowledge, and a deep faith in people's abilities to improve their lives allows her to fine tune her work, to best fit the unique experience and wishes of every unique person. More specifically, this rich therapeutic style usually leaves clients feeling understood, clearer about their experience, and empowered to make meaningful, long lasting and deeply preferred choices in their lives. Marie-Nathalie has assisted hundreds of adults and children, and still rejoices at co-discovering solutions and preferred ways of being with her clients of all ages.